Update on the proposed changes to the election process

The 2020 Chapter Survey included questions about proposed changes to the IAP2 Wild Rose Board of Directors election process. These changes were being considered in response to feedback from the 2019 election, and were designed to encourage a more inclusive and accessible process to promote the election of a diverse and enthusiastic Board of Directors.

One of the changes put forward for consideration was holding future elections online as opposed to in-person, which is currently the only way to cast a ballot. The hope is that moving to an online process will better accommodate our member base as we have members throughout Alberta and not everyone is able to attend the elections in person.

Another proposed change included in the survey was about how the executive roles on our Board are filled. Currently, nominees declare the position they are running for (i.e. President, Vice-Present, Treasurer, Secretary, Director at Large and Youth Director) and members vote individuals into each of the positions for a two-year term. This win/lose process means that the unsuccessful candidates – that is, enthusiastic members who are ready and willing to sit on the Board – are being turned away. This unintended consequence could be avoided through a refined process where Wild Rose members elect 13 interested individuals to the Board, and the new Board then determines, amongst themselves, the best fit for the executive positions.

Through the survey, we heard that:

  • Approximately half of respondents have participated in an IAP2 Wild Rose election
  • 81% of respondents indicate they would be more likely to participate in an election if it was online
  • 95% of respondents support online elections
  • 73% of respondents support electing 13 individuals to the Board and having the elected Board members determine, amongst themselves, the best fit for the executive positions.

The above provides a snapshot of the information gathered; a complete summary report, including all verbatim comments, is available here

What happens next?

Based on the show of support received for the proposed changes, we will move forward with creating a detailed plan on how to best approach and implement these amendments to the election process.  This includes:

  1. Initiating a committee (consisting of two Board members and a member not on the board) to review and propose updates to the current by-laws
  2. Presenting the proposed changes at the 2020 AGM for ratification by attending members.*
  3. If the proposed changes are approved, changes will be in effect for the 2021 election.

*These changes will require an update to our Chapter By-laws, which in turn requires an in-person vote from the membership. Because of this, we will not be able to initiate the new election process for the upcoming 2020 elections in May. 

In response to some other concerns voiced after the 2019 election, the Board is committed to sharing as much information as possible in advance of the AGM. 

To support member participation in the AGM and Board elections, we will:

  1. Maintain this election webpage with all election-related information such as date/time/location of AGM, the Call for Nominations form and nominee profiles. We will continue to update the page as information becomes available.
  2. Let you know ASAP where we will be hosting the AGM. The event will take place at the end of May and we will be simultaneously hosting the AGM at locations in both Edmonton and Calgary – connected through audio and video - to make it as accessible possible. Once venues have been secured, we will announce the date, place and time.
  3. Release the Call for Nominations in mid-April, with a due date at the end of April. By the beginning of May, this election web page will have all the information you need to be prepared to cast your vote at the AGM in late May.